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Picture of the month, June 2015

Earth-Pages | 1 July, 2015
Spheroidally weathered basalt from Turkey. (credit: Francisco Sousa)
Categories: Geomorphology; Corestones; regolith; Saprolite; Spheroidal weathering;

Walton on native water rights in the Colorado River Basin

Inkstain (John Fleck) | 1 July, 2015
Brett Walton has done us all a great service with a thorough look at the issues surrounding Native American water rights in the Colorado River Basin. Importantly, he's looking at it not just as a problem, but as an example of what the solution space can look like. The stuff from Kathryn Sorensen, Phoenix's water manager, is a great example:
Categories: Arizona; Colorado River; water;

Unprecedented June Heat on Four Continents; Wimbledon Roasts in Record Heat

Unprecedented June heat scorched portions of four continents during the past week, and many all-time heat records are likely to fall across multiple continents this July as the peak heat of summer arrives for what has been the hottest year in recorde...
Categories: None

Popular ELI in June - Space survival

Earth Learning Idea | 1 July, 2015
A popular ELI in June was 'Space survival: How could we survive a year in a dome? Pupils plan to survive for a year in a sealed dome in a desert'.
Categories: Earth as a system;

WATCH: Time-Lapse Movie Shows Pluto and Charon Looming Larger as the New Horizons Spacecraft Speeds Ever Closer

ImaGeo | 1 July, 2015
The New Horizons spacecraft has been sending home a steady stream of photos as it has closed in on Pluto. Now, the mission team has stitched a series of those images together to create the spectacular time-lapse animation above. Pluto is in the cent...
Categories: None

Evolución topográfica de la Cuenca del Ebro

Retos Tericolas | 1 July, 2015
[Este post hace divulgación de un trabajo que acabamos de publicar en Geology] [This is outreach material about our own research, now published in Geology] 
Categories: erosion; isostasy; modeling; sedimentary basins; topography;

Film review: Revolution

EGU Geolog | 1 July, 2015
It's not every day you are asked to review a film, and since it's a documentary that encompasses a few of EGU's sciences (such as climate sciences, biogeosciences, and energy, resources and the environment), I couldn't say no. I'll start by giving it a rating, 3.5/5 stars, though I would probably give it more if I were part of the film's main target audience.
Categories: Biogeosciences; Climate; Education; Energy, Resources and the Environment; Natural Hazards; News; Outreach; Science Communication; Revolution Film;

Guest post: EU- China Partnerships on Climate Change – Are They Effective?

GEES-ology | 1 July, 2015
by Professor David Gibbs, Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, University of Hull.
Categories: carbon emissions; China; climate change; economic; European Union; international; political;

LightSail Project Manager Passes Torch

LightSail project manager Doug Stetson, who helped bring the program from a storage shelf to low-Earth orbit, is passing the torch....
Categories: None

Latest papers on paleoseismology, active tectonics, archaeoseismology, and tsunamis

Paleoseismicity | 1 July, 2015
In case you need a good read for your summer holidays, here are the latest papers on paleoseismology and related fields. Today including a IAEA TecDoc about paleoseismology, an early paper on the Gorkha quake, coral paleoseismology, some tectonic geomorphology in Spain, clastic dykes, and tectonic uplift of an island in Chile. Enjoy!
Categories: Paper; abstract; clastic dyke; europe; intraplate; paleoearthquakes; paleoseismology; paper; Seismicity;

An updated landslide density map from the Nepal earthquakes from the EWF project

The Landslide Blog | 1 July, 2015
The Earthquakes Without Frontiers project has published a revised landslide density map for the Nepal earthquakes,  This map includes landslides triggered by both the 25th April and the 12 May earthquakes:-
Categories: Earthquake-induced landslide; earthquake; featured; landslide report; nepal; South Asia;

This Looks like A Hoax, but It’s Not. It’s a Crown Flash

This must be the season for them because I saw one myself last weekend (here in Maryland) for a few seconds. I was unsure of what it was, but assumed that cirrus clouds were reflecting the sunlight in a strange way, much like a sundog. The one I saw ...
Categories: Uncategorized; cloud appreciation society; crown flash;

Sol 1031: A Dog’s Eye View at Missoula

The Martian Chronicles | 30 June, 2015
  By Lauren Edgar  Today we planned some MAHLI imaging along the contact near the "Missoula" target (the ledge in the upper left portion of this Navcam image).  We refer to it as a dog's eye mosaic, meaning that we use the MAHLI camera to t...
Categories: Curiosity; Featured; NASA; ChemCam; featured; mars;

10 scientists and 10 practitioners walk into a bar…what would they talk about? How can research and knowledge generation be co-created to better support practitioners and evidence-based decision making?

The Nature of Cities | 30 June, 2015
Categories: People & Communities; Place & Design; RoundTable; Science & Tools; Communities; Conservation; Design; Education; Networks; Participation/Democracy; Planning; Policy; Stewardship; Tools;

Ballistic Ducks and the Inclined Explosions – UEA Open Day Part 1

Sciencemimicsart | 30 June, 2015
Across the four UEA Open Days, the UEA Volcanology Team will be performing around 25 separate 'bin bangs' or explosions generated by liquid nitrogen in a simulated Vulcanian-style eruption.
Categories: Volcano Fun; STREVA; Volcano outreach;

Masks for the Anthropocene

Xiaoxuan Fu, Dragon Tree Mask (green tea, rice tea, flour and corn tassel) Design, make and perform a mask to bring awareness to issues related to environmental change and/or possibly alter the behavior of those who use/wear it. A group of ten stu...
Categories: Uncategorized;

Mars and Pluto: Exploring old and new horizons

Fourth Rock From the Sun | 30 June, 2015
Pluto and its moon Charon imaged on June 29th as New Horizons moves ever closer to the distant world. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute
Categories: Exploration; Mariner; Mars; Pluto;

Introducing The One Repo

You know what's wrong with scholarly publishing?
Categories: Gold open access; Green open access; open access; repositories; ulterior motives;

Some thoughts on the bathtub ring and Lake Mead’s historic drop below 1,075

Inkstain (John Fleck) | 30 June, 2015
I've had my head down the last ten days reading and writing about 1940s and '50s-era Los Angeles water management, and I look up to see that Lake Mead last week dropped below elevation 1,075, a level freighted with meaning. But what meaning, exactly? Drew Beckwith at Western Resource Advocates, in Caitlin McGlade's story, wins for quotability:
Categories: California; cawater; Colorado River; water;

Vetlesen Science Prize Celebrated at Columbia Gala

State of the Planet | 30 June, 2015
Stephen Sparks, one of the world's foremost experts on volcanoes, received the Vetlesen Prize for his groundbreaking scientific work at a ceremony held June 24 at Columbia University. Two-hundred-fifty people attended the formal gathering in the Lo...
Categories: Earth Sciences; General Earth Institute; Columbia University; Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Vetlesen Foundation; Vetlesen Prize; Volcanoes; volcanology;

Dawn Journal: Ceres' Intriguing Geology

Planetary Society Weblog | 30 June, 2015
Dawn is continuing to unveil a Ceres of mysteries at the first dwarf planet discovered. Mission Director Marc Rayman gives us an update....
Categories: None

The Pope’s Challenge on Climate Change

State of the Planet | 30 June, 2015
Pope Francis's broad-ranging encyclical warns that we are destroying our common home and face an immense and urgent challenge to protect it. But it goes far beyond just the subject of climate change, calling for a holistic and sustainable future....
Categories: General Earth Institute; climate change; disadvantaged; encyclical; fossil fuels; Global Warming; nature; Pollution; poor; Pope Francis;

Five amazing extinct creatures that aren't dinosaurs

GEES-ology | 30 June, 2015
Five amazing extinct creatures that aren't dinosaursBy Charlotte Stephenson, Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, University of Hull
Categories: extinct creatures; Jurassic World; palaeontology; The Conversation;

Tropical Atlantic Quiet; Pacific Getting Active

The tropics are quiet in the Atlantic Ocean, where no tropical storm activity is likely for at least the next week. A moderate-strength El Niño event is underway in the Eastern Pacific, and the atmospheric circulation associated with the strong warm...
Categories: None

Antarctica’s Retreating Ice

State of the Planet | 30 June, 2015
While the ice sheets on West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula are usually the ones to make the news in relation to climate change, recent studies have documented transformations that are taking place on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet as well. On ...
Categories: climate; Earth Sciences; Antarctica; climate change; climate matters; East Antarctic Ice Sheet; ice sheets; West Antarctic Ice Sheet;

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